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Delliwood Werbeagentur München: Branding, Design, E-Commerce.

The best ideas are created by a team

Delliwood team

Creative collectivity

The typical Delliwooder has high expectations of his own work, is always on the search for the distinctive and is keenly aware that the best ideas can only come about through collective creativity.

Are you a freelancer in the areas of creativity, conceptualisation, copywriting or SEM? Then we’d be delighted to receive your speculative application which you should send to:

Marco Gregorio

Strategy and Consulting Managing Director

»Confidence is the relevant factor when making purchasing decisions. Good communication should therefore be sincere
and authentic. Because only when customers have confidence will they also buy!«

Marcus Wegner

Designer and Creative Director Managing Director

»Good design is the clever combination of aesthetically presented information and
the laws of visual communication.«

Mario Dobelmann

Sales and E-Commerce Manager

»Forget about the results. Creating the causes, that’s your work. The results will come by themselves.« (Ajahn Brahm)

Peter Gregorio

Project Manager

»Chose a career which you love and you will never have to work another day in your life.« (Konfuzius)

Julia Schulze

Project Management and Text

»Ultimately there is a connection between all:
people, ideas, objects… The quality of the
connection is the key to the quality in itself.«
(Charles Eames)

René Dobelmann

Art Director and Illustrator

»Thinking about design is hard, but not
thinking about it can be disastrous.«
(Ralph Caplan)

Ariane Blecha

Junior Art Director

»You don't always need dialogue
to tell a story.« (Walt Disney)

Jennifer Fischer

Final artwork

»The ensemble's soul is in the detail.«
(Mies van der Rohe)

Leo Babic

Head of Development

»Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.«
(Henry Ford)

Oliver Berchtold

3D- and Sound-Design

»Good design reaches us there, where words do not touch us.«

Katrin Liebl


»Enjoyment of work leads to perfection.« (Aristoteles)