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Delliwood Werbeagentur München: Branding, Design, E-Commerce.

Defining the Future VI Conference Munich

Client: Clariant AG

Sector: Chemical industry
Employees: > 21,000

Delliwood is working steadily since 2007 on the appearance of Clariant's international conference Defining the Future (DTF), which has become a real brand in the chemical industry. The visual presence of the conference becomes adapted and expanded every two years, without altering the fundamental character of it. Evolution, not revolution is the motto here. Clariant has a high confidence in our work. This time we will focus on digital and social media content, and on 3D animations as well.

After Munich 2007, Doha/Qatar 2009 Beijing/China 2011 and again Munich 2013, the next conference will be held in August 2015 at San Francisco/USA.