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Delliwood Werbeagentur München: Branding, Design, E-Commerce.

Emloyer Branding Concept for TQ

Client: TQ-Systems

Sector: Electronic Service Provider
Employees: > 1.300

Delliwood Communication developed a concept for the employer branding of the electronic service provider TQ-Systems for a pitch in November 2015. TWe lost the pitch, unfortunately, but nevertheless we would like to not deprive our concept: At the heart of the concept was the so-called "TQ book of recognition" made by employees. They should be actively get involved as authentic and relevant ambassadors. So the TQ employer branding would almost naturally worked from the inside out.

For this purpose we developed two claims:

"Da will ich hin!" expresses the will of wanting to achieve something – at TQ.
"Da will ich sein." expresses to have arrived – at TQ.